Tired of half your class going blank when you use math examples?

Do you want to help struggling students discover the passion for math?


In Get9 the goal is to answer nine math questions before time runs out. Its a short one minute sprint that test whether your studens knows a math discipline well enough for you to build on top of it. 

In Get9 failure is rewarded to get them to try harder. We use Mindset theory to strengthen motivation and show players that failure is not only safe, it is also productive.

You can read much more about why we created get9 and what we think of math and teaching on our blog

Get9 comes in an ad based or paid version. It is available on Android now and IOS shortly.



It's free. Its fun. its fantastic.
Jump right in and start playing

Get 9 Full Game

All features included.No ads
Enjoy the stress fre zen mode with no limitations and get really, really good at basic algebra and fractions